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Voter Registration Information

You are now able to register to vote and make changes to your existing voter registration online by visiting:

You may also fill out a voter registration application form. Voter registration applications are available at:

  • Supervisor of Elections Offices
  • Driver's License Offices
  • State Agencies that provide public assistance
  • Libraries
  • County Governmental Offices

Mail your completed application form to:

Shirley Anderson

Hernando County Supervisor of Elections

16264 Spring Hill Drive

Brooksville, FL 34604

By Mail: Envelope must be postmarked at least 29 days prior to an upcoming election, if you wish to vote in that election.

In Person: Form must be delivered to the Elections office before 5 p.m. or to a county library or a Florida Driver's License Bureau before its time of closing, at least 29 days before an upcoming election.

It is the responsibility of the voter to keep his or her registration information current with the elections office. You can fill out a voter registration application if you change your:

  • Name
  • Residence Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Signature
  • Party Affiliation

Address Changes can be taken over the phone if the move is from one residence to another inside of Hernando County or from another county in Florida into Hernando County. If you move to another state you must register with that state. It is important to notify the elections office if you move because it is a felony to vote in a precinct in which you do not live. If you don't have access to your voter registration information, call the Elections office for assistance. FS 101.045


If you make a change to your registration record, you will be sent a new voter information card. If you do not receive a new card within two weeks of submitting your application for change, call the Elections office at (352)-754-4125

Florida is a closed primary state. In a closed primary election, a voter is limited to choosing candidates of the party he or she is registered with. If you register with the Republican party, your ballot will have Republican candidates, non-partisan races and referendums. If you register with the Democratic party, your ballot will have Democratic candidates, non-partisan races and referendums.

If you register with a minor party or no party affiliation, your ballot will have non-partisan races and referendums.

In a general election a voter can vote for any candidate he or she chooses, regardless of party affiliation.


A party change must be made in writing prior to the end of the 29th day before an election. F.S. 97.055(1)(a)

Each voter is issued a voter information card by mail when he/she registers to vote. A new voter information card is issued to a voter if a change is made to the voter's precinct or polling location or if he/she makes a change in writing or over the phone to his/her voter registration record. A voter information card provides each voter with his/her current registration information and voting districts. If you receive a new voter information card, you should destroy your old one. A voter information card is not an acceptable form of ID for voting and is not accepted at the polling place. FS 97.071

If you need to request a new Voter's ID Card, click HERE or call 352-754-4125.

If you would like to view your state and local officials click HERE.

Shirley Anderson, Supervisor of Elections, Hernando County
OFFICE: 16264 Spring Hill Drive, Brooksville, FL 34604
PHONE: (352) 754-4125
FAX: (352) 754-4425
EMAIL: [email protected]
HOURS: Monday-Friday: 8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.

"It is the mission of the Supervisor of Elections office to ensure the integrity of the electoral process and empower each voter through continuous education."